73rd Annual Pacific Southwest Regional

By Lamya Agelidis
Tournament Chairman

Mark your bridge calend-ars once again for the 73rd Annual Pacific Southwest Regional: March 26 through April 1. The Town and Country Resort & Convention Center will be hosting us during this Easter week for the 39th time in its beautiful venue.
Join us there for a week packed with events; you’ll be spoiled for choices!
If “teams” is your thing, we’ll be offering the popular two-session Bracketed Swiss Teams on both Monday and Thursday. We want to kick-off this tournament with a great incentive: the Monday Bracketed Teams event will be a playthrough including a complimentary light dinner, so start assembling your team! Once you’ve warmed up, you’ll be able to play KOs the rest of the week, with KOs beginning on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. And if that isn’t enough, we’ll have Swiss Teams across two evenings: Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday-Friday.
If “Pairs” is more what you’re in to, we’ll be featuring a range of pairs events: double sessions (both Open and Gold Rush) daily Tuesday through Saturday, single session side game series (Morning, Afternoon, Evening), and a Fast Open Pairs event on Sunday for those who want to partake in late afternoon Easter activities. Featured again on Friday is the popular IMP Pairs two-session event.
If you’re an “Intermediate/Newcomer” player, you’re in luck. Free I/N receptions, free bridge lessons, free tips and handouts are just a few things you can enjoy during this week. You can also enjoy a free mentoring opportunity to play with one of our local players, a program organized by our own Maritha Pottenger.
Tournament co-chairs Lamya Agelidis and Bill Grant are looking forward to hosting you along with their dedicated team of volunteers: Jim and Shay Andrews will perform their usual magic to fulfill all your partner needs, Maritha Pottenger will dazzle you with her popular I/N Boot Camp program, Kathy Byrne will staff the hospitality booth with smiling volunteers from the local area, and Marge Van Hemert will show off her team of great caddies.
Mark your calendars now: March 26-April 1.