So What’s Next?

This is the final Contract Bridge Forum newspaper for District 17, one of the three members of the Western Conference. Next month the April issue will be published, but only for Districts 21 (bay area, California) and District 22 (us, Southern California without Los Angeles). After that it is a little unclear, as the WC Board has chosen to forego future newspaper print publishing and move into an online Forum.
To make this be near effective as sending everyone a newspaper we will send all those withACBL email addresses a monthly notice and link; WC choosing to save over to send as declining revenue from WC regionals and STAC table counts have hurt Conference reserves.
The net cost of a D22 Forum is about 45-50 cents per newspaper including all publishing, printing, labeling and mailing. About the price of a 1-ounce letter. Going online will save considerable in printing/mailing costs, but not have the staying power of a newspaper, nor reach the audience we enjoyed as everyone received the newspaper. Tournaments may feel the loss.

For the near future we’ll continue as a 2-district (Calif.) Conference, but only with a monthly digital publication at contractbridgeforum.com
Ideally these monthly email announcements containing this link sent to all members ensures easy access to the online Forum. By late March you’ll need your correct email address with ACBL – visit www.acbl.organd connect with “myACBL login” by entering your member number and password. Click on “Update My Information” blue button.  Scroll down to update your email address. Click “Submit.”