Grand National Teams

By John Kissinger
D22 GNT/NAP Coordinator

The GNT (Grand National Teams) is our district’s premium teams event. This event qualifies teams for the finals at the Atlanta Summer NABC. One team from each of the four flights will represent our district at the nationals.
The winning team in each flight receives $2,000 from D22 to help with travel expenses.
Four flights: Open 6,000+
A 2,501-6,000
B 501-2,500
C 0-500 MPs. Points are as of the ACBL September masterpoint reporting cycle.
Open and B flights play April 7 and 8, while A and C flights play April 28 and 29. Clubs and units may hold GNT qualifying games through April 6. See the D22 website under “GNT” for our district’s conditions of contest.
District 22 Final: South Orange County Bridge Center at 10:00 a.m. and TBA each day. A light breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee provided. Entries are $14.00 per person, per session.

I encourage every player in District 22 to form a team to participate in the qualifying Swiss Teams events, with a chance to play in the District and National Finals. It is fun, and a great experience.