Denver Spring Sectional
Golden, Colorado
March 9-11

The venue is the Jefferson County Fairgrounds with 10:00 and 2:30 game times. The Friday teams game will be Bracketed Teams, seven teams per Bracket with six rounds of eight boards. Friday evening has a new teams game called “Eight is Enough.” Lunch is included in the Sunday entry fee for the playthrough A/AX Swiss Teams and 0-2000 Bracketed Teams. Details can be found at www.denverbridge.com and in the ad in this issue of ScoreCard.

Sedona Sectional
Sedona, Arizona
March 15-17

Stunning red rock views will greet you in Sedona. This tournament runs Thursday through Saturday at the Elks Lodge in central Sedona, with two sessions a day at the new starting times of 10:00 and 2:30. There are pairs events, a Knockout Teams starting Thursday, a Compact KO on Friday, and a Swiss Teams on Saturday. See the ad in this issue of ScoreCard for more details.

The Luck of the Irish!
I/N Pairs Sectional
Las Cruces, New Mexico
March 17

The Belton Bridge Center is hosting this St. Patrick’s day I/N event, with single session pairs events at 9:30 and 1:30. Pay for both events and lunch is provided for free! There are three new strats: 0-50, 50-200, and 200-300. See the website at lascrucesbridge.com for more information.

Mesa Roadrunner Sectional
Scottsdale, Arizona
March 22-25

This four day sectional at the In Tempo Bridge Club has something for everyone, with game times of 10:00 and 3:00. Thursday and Saturday have Bracketed Teams, the newly popular form of Swiss Teams played as a complete round robin with your peers. A three session Knockout starts on Friday and there are pairs events every day except Sunday, which has an A/X Swiss Teams plus a Bracketed Teams for those with fewer than 2000 points.

 Spring Sectional
Colorado Springs, Colorado
April 13-15

This sectional, held at the Colorado Springs Masonic Center, has game times of 10:00 and 3:00 with a Compact Knockout Teams as well as pairs events on Friday. Saturday has a two session pairs game with single sessions for 299ers. Sunday has a Swiss Teams at 10:00. More information is at coloradospringsbridge.com and the ad in this issue of ScoreCard.


Down Country Sectional
Las Cruces, New Mexico
April 13-15

At the Belton Bridge Center, this tournament has game times of 9:30 and 2:00 with single sessions Friday, both Open and 199er Pairs. Saturday has a fun pairs/teams event as well as two single session 199er Pairs. Sunday has a Stratified Swiss Teams. See lascrucesbridge.com or the ad in this issue of ScoreCard for more information.

Silver Sun Sectional
Scottsdale, Arizona
April 27-29

The Silver Sun Sectional will run simultaneously with the Phoenix Non-Life Master Gold Rush Regional at the beautiful In Tempo Bridge Center. Single session Stratified Pairs games are on Friday and Saturday with a Strati-Flighted Swiss Teams game on Sunday. Great hospitality, including free coffee & snacks, free parking, and expert speakers between sessions.

Glitter Gulch Sectional
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 30-May 4

TThis Monday through Friday five day sectional will again be held at the popular Plaza Hotel &
Casino in downtown Las Vegas -- known as Glitter Gulch for the dazzling neon lights. Game times are 10:00 & 3:00 each day with lots of single session pairs games and double and triple session teams games for which the sectional is famous. Special room rates at the Plaza range from $29.00 to $79.00. Use Plaza code SPABL18.  The ad is in this issue.