Grand National Teams

Changes to D17 GNT District Championships in May

By Rod Southworth
D17 GNT Chairman

Pre-registration is required for the Open Flight. Teams must mail a list of players to the GNT Chairman no later than May 1, along with a check made out to District 17 GNT for the first session entry fee (currently $52). In the event that there is only one team pre-registered, it will be declared the winner and will not be required to appear at the District Finals, but must pay the initial session entry fee.

District Finals

The District Finals for all flights will be held at the Denver Regional, May 25-27. Conditions of Contest are found under the Tournaments tab at our website - d17acbl.org
The finals will be conducted in separate but simultaneous events for all flights. Based on the number of teams participating in the Open Championship and A Flights, the district finals may be played over a period of three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Flights B and C will be two days: Friday and Saturday. Starting times will coincide with starting times for prime time regional events. The district board has waived the entry fees for all Flight C teams.
Thank you for participating in the GNTs.southworth15@yahoo.com