Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

Farewell 2017 and welcome 2018. A somewhat sad farewell for me, as the 2017 Fall San Diego NABC, for which I was the co-chair just ended. Ken Monzingo was the chairman and together we co-chaired four Nationals: 2008 Summer Las Vegas - 19,720 tables, 2009 San Diego - 12, 927 tables, 2014 Summer Las Vegas - 16,617 tables, and 2017 Fall San Diego - 11,797 ½ tables ... a lot of tables and many happy players. Ken knows how to put on a show and make the players happy, and I generally did the grunt work. Ken patiently taught me how to run a tournament and I am very grateful. The 2017 San Diego NABC was our swan song ... the 2019 Las Vegas Summer NABC will be co-chaired by Liz Hamilton and Tom Shulman, who will do a terrific job; they are already working away.
The next San Diego NABC is yet to be scheduled, but judging from the player comments, a return is definitely desired. Thank you, Ken, for the opportunity of a lifetime!
The ACBL Board of Directors (BOD) held its third meeting of 2017 prior to the San Diego NABC. Below is a report on action taken.

Jay Whipple (D9 - Florida) was elected 2018 ACBL President. Jay is a very capable and talented individual who will do a terrific job. His motto is: “What’s next?”
We bid a fond farewell to two board members: Roger Smith (D21 - Central & Northern California, Northern Nevada), who served as the 2005 ACBL President, left the BOD for several years and returned in 2015 for one more term. Elected to replace Roger is Jacqueline Zayac of Lafayette, California.
Ken Monzingo (D22 - Southern California, other than Los Angeles County) joined the BOD in 2009 and was the 2016 ACBL President and is the 2017 Chairman of the Board. David Lodge of Rancho Mirage, California, will follow Ken. Both Roger and Ken have made many contributions to bridge and ACBL and will be greatly missed.

Reelected to the BOD for three-year terms, January 1, 2018-December 31, 2020 are: Paul Janicki (D2 - Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda); Carlos Muñoz (D3 - Eastern New York (not New York City), Northern New Jersey); Joann Glasson (D4 - central New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, southern New Jersey); Georgia Heth (D8 - St. Louis, northern Indiana, central & southern Illinois, Paduca, Kentucky); Sharon Anderson (D14 - Iowa, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Nebraska), and Paul Cuneo (D16 - most of Texas, all of Mexico). Elected for three-year terms: Jacqueline Zayac (D21) and David Lodge (D22).
Reelected for three-year terms as Zone 2 representatives to the World Bridge Federation were Georgia Heth and Howie Weinstein.
E. Kristen Frederick, who recently moved from Cape Cod to the Albany, New York, area was elected for a four-year term as a trustee of the ACBL Charity Foundation. I was reelected as the Charity Foundation President for my last year as a trustee - I am term limited after 2018.

Jan Martel, Davis, California, (D21) was appointed as the 2017 ACBL Honorary Member of the Year.
Peter Misslin, Vonore, Tennessee, (D7) was appointed as the 2017 Volunteer of the Year.
Nelda Linman, Bend, Oregon, (D20) was appointed as the 2018 Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year.

Motions Passed
● A seven-day KO event named in honor of Paul Soloway will be added to the schedule starting at the 2019 Fall San Francisco NABC. This event will begin on the first Friday of the tournament, starting with a two-day qualifying Swiss, followed by a thirty-two team Knockout which will continue until the two-team final on the second Thursday.
● An NABC Robot Individual tournament (format to be determined) will added to the schedule for each of the three North American Bridge Championships starting with the 2018 Spring Philadelphia NABC.
● Three-flight events at regionals may be run with up to two strats in each of the top two flights, and up to three strats in the third flight.
● Teams who play and lose in the quarterfinals, of the Spingold Knockout are allowed to drop into the Roth Swiss intact (as long as all members of the drop-in team played together in the Spingold). Any future NABC events with extended teams games that have the quarterfinal of that event on the first day of a three day teams event will allow drop-ins.
● The electronic device policy in place at NABCs shall be adopted by all ACBL regional tournaments. Exceptions include health-related equipment by special permission of the director-in-charge of the tournament, the Conditions of Contest addressing a more stringent policy for electronic devices, and any regional tournament not staffed by an ACBL tournament director. A similar motion to require the same policy for sectionals failed.
● In all National Mixed Teams events, the teams will play at all times as mixed pairs: one male and one female, however, a five or six person team may consist four of one gender and 2/1 of the other. Previously, the mix had to be three of each (3-2 for a five person team).
● The Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs event has been changed from 0-5000 to 0-6000.
● A bylaw change requires two readings by the BOD and then passage by the Board of Governors. The following motion requires a bylaw change and will be voted on again at the 2018 Spring meeting: There will be a limit of four consecutive three-year terms for the BOD, terms served or started prior to January 1, 2019 shall not be counted towards the four consecutive three-year terms.
Go to my website: and click on minutes to view all the actions taken by the BOD at the San Diego and previous meetings.

Happy Holidays
Ihope your Holidays were happy, filled with family, friends, love, and laughter and that 2018 brings us all more of the same. I appreciate hearing from you – please contact me by email